About JHSI



Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, Inc. is a family firm that specializes in traffic accident reconstruction and consulting in the field of traffic crash reconstruction and other scientific inquiry.  JHSI, Inc. provides attorneys, insurance adjusters and others expert assistance in gathering, interpreting, and analyzing evidence to determine how an incident happened. The conclusions, based on the physical evidence and first principles of physics, can be presented in court as expert testimony.

Mission Statement

The mission of Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations is to provide accurate and competent consulting work in traffic accident reconstruction and other scientific inquiry to our clients in such a manner that promotes the integrity of ourselves and our clients. In doing so, we will deal honestly with both fact and opinion. Also, we at JHSI understand that people and relations are more important than money and possessions, and that our purpose is to bring credit to and follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, Inc.  

Jackson Office

(307) 690-4559 (cell)


Tulsa Office

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Useful and Interesting Links

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John looks over Jeremy’s shoulder as they download data from a test in Douglas, WY.